Electronic contract tracing now mandatory at IDJTA – from 24 Dec 2020

From Thursday 24 December 2020 the Queensland Government will require all businesses (including clubs and associations) to implement electronic registration of participants attending a facility or event. Paper registration of attendees will no longer be sufficient to meet contact tracing requirements.

Procedure to check in/check out:

1. Please scan QR code at tennis center or visit http://www.guesthq.com.au

2. Enter your details

3. All guests including children must be entered, use the add dependents button (multiple guests can be added on one mobile phone number/email address)

4. Show our staff – coach or venue organiser your check-in confirmation

5. When leaving the centre, click on check out

QR codes and instructions will also be published at the courts for use.

This update is now reflected within the Tennis Queensland Return to Play Roadmap and will also be updated in Qld Government industry plans.

Please note, The Queensland Government Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport have notified clubs this week that a compliance blitz, including spot checks and inspections, will be conducted over the coming weeks as an additional safeguard for the community.